Mdm Sun

Love the ease of executing my investments with CoAssets due to their engaging team of facilitators. The option of short-term investments (1 to 3 years) suits me very well too. Thanks, CoAssets for providing the opportunity to retail investors like me to participate in bigger projects.

Ng A M

Did my very first investment with CoAssets last year and I am glad they provide this kind of opportunity to retail investors like myself. Look forward to future updates and opportunities with the company.

Michael Ang

CoAssets offers significant higher returns compared to other debt related products. The default rate was also pretty low, providing me assurance that credit risk is low for us investors. Song Han also provided timely advice on possible launch date of new projects which allow me to plan my finance in advance, so to better efficiently raise fund for any projects i wanted to participate.

Elijah Tan

As a 60 plus year old retiree without a salary coming in consistently, money management is very important to me. With only a pool of cash to work with it is very important to find institutions that will give you better rate of returns to beat inflation as well as beat offers by banks and other financial institutions. It was at this period that I came across CoAssets and they fulfilled both criteria that I had in mind. What was also helpful was that the terms were on annual renewal and I am proud to say that I have invested with CoAssets since 2017. The interest rates they are giving is better than what is offered by other financial institutions and even my equities investment. An important aspect of any investment is to be informed timely of what is happening, and I am very glad to say CoAssets have their team of User Engagement Managers that keeps me up to date on my investments. What I really like about CoAssets which makes them so distinct from other financial institutions is their

Joseph Benjamin Goh

The relationship managers are very on the ball. They are also very patient to listen what are your needs and provide tailored solutions for your investments. They are always keeping in touch with you via whatsapp and they are very responsive. Keep up the good work!

Bryan Chong

[Risk Assessment] How Often Do You Need To Review A Risk Assessment? CoAssets takes the KYC process with absolute precision and importance. Risk assessment is a necessary aspect in every business process, it helps you identify, access and control the risk associated for the customers and partners. CoAssets KYC's risk assessment guidelines are clearly stated on their websites and mobile platforms, ensuring that all investment preferences and objectives are declared prudently before embarking on this journey with them. Having been with them for more than a year, CoAssets have shown due diligence in the renewal of my qualification status, through a comprehensive process with my AWM and further verified via a physical/digital signatory. This gives me a sense of alleviation as i continue my investment journey with them, whilst introducing my families and friends on-board to such a trustworthy and reliable P2P lending platform.

Joel Loo

[Portfolio Diversification] I like the fact that it helps me to diversify my portfolio because I’m more weighted on stocks. Being able to allocate some funds to invest in different projects is good for me. The returns of around 8-11% per annum is much better than leaving the funds in a bank. [Customer Support] My Alternative Wealth Manager is a great guy to work with. He is very helpful and efficient. There is no hard selling from the company so I don’t feel pressured to make decisions. Overall, if you have excess funds and don’t mind trying out alternative investment, you can give CA a try. I would highly recommend this company.

Chin Ming

These are my comments on CoAssets: (C)are, in their project selection. Companies or projects which are deemed too risky in their due diligence assessment are omitted for the benefit of their investors. (O)pportunities. They offer interest niche projects in the movie industry which are good opportunities to diversify one’s portfolio. (A)rticles. As an value added service to clients, they write insightful, dedicated articles (e.g. insight into the movie industry) which helps investors understand better the projects they are entering into. (S)ervice. I’ve received excellent service support from my alternative wealth manager Laura. Whenever I have questions regarding certain projects she is always able to provide prompt, relevant, detailed & thorough explanations which clarify my doubts. She is devoted to provide quality service to clients, and I am pleasantly surprised by the gift she has delivered to me during the mid autumn festival. :) (S)OAR 2019. This is a valuable seminar offered to their investors with an international reowned speaker in the panel! (E)fficiency. I like the speed in getting projects funded so that investors can look forward to receive their returns sooner! (T)rack record. They have achieved an impressive 0% default rate based on statistics as at Q2 2019. This is lower than competitors’ default rates! (S)urcharge, or rather the absence of. CoAssets do not have any hidden service fees or surcharges. The interest rate stated is exactly what the investor would get, which is what I like about them – transparency.

Vincent Lim

Just started investing in CoAssets since November 2019, i chosen CoAssets over other P2P platforms because they are listed on ASX board thus giving me more assurance and transparency of their company unlike other platforms. Their default rate is also the lowest so far. 1) The process of setting up an account is a breeze, after filling up the KYC (Know your client) form you will be able to get started investing soon after that! 2) Unlike other P2P platforms, CoAssets had Alternative wealth manager tagged to individual investors to guide them should they need any assistance in knowing more about investing in their platforms. They are very patient and attentive to our questions and will advise accordingly without being pushy. The feeling is like having an RM ( Relation manager ) with any banks having a priority or wealth account! 3) So far the experience with investing in CoAssets is a positive one and i will definitely invest more in future with them if there is good product coming out! So far as an investor, i think that investing with CoAssets is a good way to divest our investment portfolio for higher returns.


Investing with CoAssets was a breeze with assurance and confidence that projects has been put through rigorous risk assessment.

Andrew Lim

[User Friendliness] As a new user, I find that CoAssets is very user friendly in explaining to me the investment options available in crowdfunding. I was initially uneasy about crowdfunding investing but the transparency on the part of CoAssets help to alleviate this fear. As a short-term investment opportunities with competitive returns and diversification, the options offered by CoAssets is very compelling.